The white wines come from Novacella…

The vineyards in the Bressanone valley basin are the northernmost ones of Italy, extending from 600 to 900 m. Growing wine in such an extreme place is only possible in the best exposures.

That is why vineyards around Novacella are found primarily in southern and southwestern exposures, and a very precise matching of varieties and microlocations is necessary in order to achieve the best results. If this is successful, grapes or wines with intense fruity aromas will grow here due to the large temperature fluctuations between day and night and the poor, rocky/sandy glacial moraine soils. The varieties typical for here, such as Sylvaner, Müller-Thurgau, Kerner, and Riesling cannot deny their Alpine origin.

… the red wines from Cornaiano and Bolzano

For the red varieties, it is too cool in the valley basin of Bressanone. They are produced in the Abbey-owned vineyards in Cornaiano and Bolzano.

Marklhof in Cornaiano is located on a sun-drenched, airy hill of moraine scree at an elvation of 420 m and is very well suited for Schiava, Pinot Nero, and the sweet Moscato Rosa grapes. The hot Bolzano valley basin at an altitude of 250 m with its sandy/silty soils is ideal for the strong Lagrein variety.


Both the white varieties in Novacella as well as the red ones in Cornaiano and Bolzano are cultivated according to clear rules and harvested at peak maturity. At the winery, we use the greatest care to preserve each variety’s character that reflects its terroir in order to produce wines that are the most typical, full of character, and capable of developing with age.