Vision & Mission

What distinguishes us?

Anchored by its deep roots, the abbey nevertheless looks to the future.

Community, orientation to God and caring for others: Neustift Abbey’s basic priorities have remained unchanged since 1142. Nevertheless, the Augustinian canons have always kept up with the times, understood people’s needs and requirements and directed their activities accordingly. The monastery is thus steeped in history but at the same time dwells in the here and now.

Deeply rooted in tradition, we live and work in the here and now.
Provost Eduard Fischnaller

Without an income even a monastery could not survive. Neustift’s economic mainstay has always been agriculture and winegrowing, based on a commitment to tradition and progress, economy and ecology. And of course to protecting and preserving God’s creation, which is approached on the principle of sustainable economic management and the careful use of resources. For all of us now, and for all who come after us.

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