Good conditions for an exciting vintage

In 2020 the vegetation cycle began relatively early. Although we had a snowy winter, especially in the mountains, March and April were both very mild and forced bud break approximately 10 days earlier than in average years. In fact, on April 10th in sun-exposed sites around the monastery, we observed the first shoots. About a week later, bud break was in full force. Fortunately the second half of April was also mild, eliminating any threats from a spring frost. During the spring and summer months we’ve had average temperatures with normal precipitation, so no real threat of diseases.

At present, the vines are in good health. The expected yields for the medium-sized clusters are in line with the target quantities we have set.  The veraison started at the beginning of August; again about 10 days earlier than usual. If there are no extreme weather patterns in these next few weeks, we would expect harvest to start around 14 September in the lower elevations with Müller Thurgau.

Until now the ripening season promises good quality grapes. If thunderstorms stay away we should have a dry, sunny autumn which will result in 2020 being a fabulous vintage.