A look behind the scenes

Welcome to The Abbey's Newspaper, a biannual publication that takes you on a journey through time, exploring the rich history and present happenings of the Neustift Augustinian Abbey. Founded by Hartmann nearly nine centuries ago, this abbey has served as a spiritual and cultural center, as well as a thriving business, since 1142. We are delighted to share our stories with you.

In the pages of our newspaper, you will find a blend of captivating tales from the past and updates on the current events taking place at the abbey. We believe it is essential to honor our heritage while staying connected to the present, and this publication allows us to achieve just that.

To ensure that our readers can access our content conveniently, The Abbey's Newspaper is published in three languages: German, Italian, and English. Copies are readily available within the monastery itself, as well as in the hotels and restaurants scattered throughout Neustift. If you prefer, we can also send the newspaper directly to your home.

To subscribe to The Abbey's Newspaper and receive future issues at your doorstep, simply send us an email with your postal address to marketing@kloster-neustift.it. We appreciate your interest in our publication and look forward to sharing our stories with you.

Stay connected with the Neustift Augustinian Abbey and join us as we delve into the past and present, showcasing the remarkable journey of this venerable institution.

Yours sincerely, The Editorial Team





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