Our facilities will provide the ideal location for your events. In total, eight rooms and auditoriums seating up to 160 people are available.

Augustini Hall

Our stately ceremonial hall is named after the order’s founder, St. Augustine. Etchings and paintings with historical themes such as “The Banquet of St. Gregory the Great”, the stucco ceiling, and the balusters lend the room its special ambiance. Size: 164 sq. m.

Bible Hall

Access via the historical cloister will prepare you for our “most medieval” hall, which is lent a dignified, spiritual and warm atmosphere by its ceiling and floor made of centuries-old wood. Size: 135 sq. m.

Säbener Hall

Säben Hall is named after the Burgraves of Säben/Sabiona, who provided the Bishop of Brixen with ample land for founding and outfitting the monastery in 1142. An elegant, bright, and spacious hall that allows focused work even for larger groups. Size: 90 sq. m.

Hartmann’s Hall

Named after the monastery’s founder, Bishop Hartmann of Brixen, Hartmann’s Hall with its coffered wood ceiling and view of the mountains merges coziness with the expectations for professional continuing education. Size: 87 sq. m.

Oswald’s Hall

The minstrel Oswald von Wolkenstein lent his name to this room. Oswald’s Hall is graced with a beautiful vaulted ceiling with structural granite pillars. Size: 60 sq. m.

Provost Nikolaus House

The Provost Nikolaus House is separate from the main building, making it the ideal retreat. The area around the Provost Nicholas House is also excellent for working outside or just breathing deeply. The modern Lecture Studio in the building is also at your disposal. Size: 53 sq. m.

The Old Torggl

Torggl is the name for a winepress in the South Tyrolean dialect. A brightly lit vault that used to house presses and barrels until a few years ago, this is now a modern seminar room. Its level access through large French doors makes it possible to include the small patio in front of the Old Winepress. Size: 50 sq. m.

Rococo Salon

The Rococo Salon is unique at the Convention Center due to its walls being completely painted. This is our smallest seminar room; it is particularly suited for negotiations, sharing, or private meetings of a small group. Size: 20 sq. m.

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