Annual Report

Quality and Sustainability

Quality is key to our success.
The Convention Center has been certified since 2000 for quality management according to the model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Most recently, these efforts were confirmed at the 2014 EFQM application with the “Committed 2 Excellence” certificate. In order to further anchor the quality management system in our operations, and to improve the processes, the in-house processes were redesigned in 2017, and the quality management system was switched to ISO 9001:2015. In October 2017, application was made for the first certification according to the international standard.

In addition, the high quality has also been recognized by the European Social Fund (ESF), with which the Education Center has been accredited already since 2002. This allows us to offer ESF-funded courses and, thanks to this financial support, to provide participants with extremely favorable conditions.

Environment and Sustainability
Sustainability in its ecological, economic, social, and cultural dimensions has always played an important role in the monastery and its life. In addition to the regional links and the sustainable operation of the estates, this includes, to start with, the woodchip-fired heating system with which we provide our own energy.

As early as in 1997, the Convention Center was awarded the “Tyrolean Environmental Label”. In our educational activities, the issue of sustainability in all its aspects keeps playing a major role, wherein we place humans in the center. And we always want to address aspects of sustainability in our processes and offerings, seeing them as a framework for our educational activities. Various projects have already been implemented along these lines, such as a catalog of criteria for office materials or the ride sharing page on our website,.


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