In the heart of Europe, at the interface between the Southern and the Northern cultural spheres, the Abbazia di Novacella’s Convention Center is an essential cross-regional and innovative location for learning and meeting.

Our Mission

Education has been one of the central missions of the Abbey of the Canons of St. Augustine since the time it was founded. This is the mission that the Convention Center has also been following, thus providing a contribution to filling the historical structure of the monastery with life. Building on this long tradition, we are shaping the present and the future.
We understand education as a service to humanity. Our offerings are defined by continuity and timeliness. Consequently, we take into account the continuing education needs regarding the issues and intellectual movements of our time, offering orientation in order to support people in the active design of their lives. Cooperation helps us meet this standard.


Our essential values of humaneness and respect governing our actions are derived from our Christian roots, Humanism, and the Enlightenment. These are supported by a spirit of openness and the responsible interaction with our environment. Here, humans as individuals and the preservation of creation are at the center. We take into account the current needs of our target and stakeholder groups.

Core competences

As an integral part of the Monastery, the Convention Center is linked to the living community of the Augustinian Canons. Consequently, the dialog between history and the present, earthly and spiritual things, church and society are immediately tangible and palpable. The feeling of security provided by this place makes informal learning possible and supports it actively.

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