Scholarly research and cultural activities have always been among the central responsibilities of the Augustinian Canons. The vast collection of books bears eloquent witness to this fact, as well as the numerous works of art from what has meanwhile become a millennium.

A school has been documented at Abbazia di Novacella since as early as 1160. Initially intended exclusively for the internal task of educating young talent, it soon opened its doors to other children, too. In the seventeeth century, Propst Markus Hauser also founded an in-house academic college in order to provide the clerics with a well-grounded philosophical and theological education. It was to stay active until the Abbey was dissolved in 1807, attracting many learned order fratres from other abbeys to Novacella.


To this day, many scholars from all over the world come to Novacella in order to study the volumes and documents in the Monastery Library or Archive.