A perfect vintage for white wines

The 2021 vintage growing season started in December with rainy/snowy conditions – we had a lot of rainy days with also low temperature conditions that remained for the majority of the winter season with snow covered vineyards around the monastery. March and April were unseasonably cold months and for this reason the vines had not yet started budding. Between April 10-20 there were also frost situations, however, we were able to surpass any damage because of the initial lateness of budding from the colder temperatures. At the end of April we did start to see the beginnings of budding even though cooler temperature persisted into May. Blooming officially started the second half of June which is typically 2 weeks later than usual. June and July were hotter and more humid than the average which caused big challenges in the vineyards. Hail happened over our vineyards in both Marklhof (July 13) as well as in Novacella at the monastery (August 1). Fortunately after a very humid start to August, the last half of the month we had exceptional weather – dry and hot.  Because of the late budding, the ripening of the grapes was also delayed. Any damaged grapes from the hailstorms dried up and fell off the vines. Harvest started 10 days later than usual at the monastery on Sept 26 – due to the high pressure system during the whole month of September but, 10 days earlier in Marklhof. Cool nights and hot days continued and made for uniformed, healthy grapes with average alcohol levels and higher than average acidic levels. Thanks to these favorable conditions, the fermentation process was perfect and provided excellent results.

The 2021 vintage for our white wines is decisively exciting with the high standards of Valle Isarco region. They are very fresh with great minerality and very crisp acidity. Because of the favorable conditions in the fall – cool days and warm nights – they are very fruity representations of the varietal. In our opinion the 2021 vintage for our white wines is perfect.

As for the red wines, our Lagrein is really something to talk about. It is a result of the perfect Fall weather where we had healthy mature grapes, resulting in very fruitful wines with soft tannins. The same can be said for our varietals that derive from Schiava. Pinot Nero on the other hand seems to be a little less linear, due to the earlier harvest of Pinot Nero (in Marklhof). The grapes could only partially ripen due to the adverse summer weather conditions and this resulted in less sugar content than usual. The wine is a little less full bodied than past vintages.

Weather data 2021:
Rainfall: 867,70mm
Average temperature during growing season (April – September): 16,4°C
Max. temperature: 33,4°C (14/06/2021)
Min. temperature: -11°C (09/01/2021)

Long-term average:
Rainfall: 670.90mm
Max. Temperature: 40,0°C (05.08.1994)
Min. temperature: -19,0°C (07.01.1985)