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Abbey Tour

The students are taken on a time journey through the 880-year history of Neustift Abbey, on which they learn about the history of the abbey’s foundation and the everyday lives and responsibilities of the canon community that still lives and works here. Various art epochs are introduced, with a particular focus on the Baroque abbey church and the library hall in the Rococo style.
Target group: students from 6 to 19 (the tour will be adapted to suit the particular age group).

Gustl the friendly ghost, and his little zoo in the abbey museum

For many years we’ve had a friendly ghost called Gustl living with us in monastery, who’s a great help to us and looks after his zoo with its numerous animals. The animals ‘work’ as illustrations in the paintings that we’re going to discover. We’ll visit the animals from Gustl’s zoo and remind them to stop work at the end of opening hours.
Target group: children from 5 to 8

The discovery and measurement of the world

The 15th and 16th centuries, the age of European discoveries: Columbus reached America and Vasco da Gama found the sea route to India. The existing image of the world was turned completely on its head. We’ll browse in old maps and try to understand what people in those days knew and didn’t know about the world. Will we then be able to put a date to the maps, guess when they were drawn and what they show of the world?
Target group: 11 to 14

Clearing out the lumber room

Today we’re going to take a look behind the scenes. Together we’ll look at the monastery’s most precious objects and pictures, which are on display to the public.
We’ll then go into lesser-known rooms and see what else is stored in the depots. Perhaps we’ll even find something valuable underneath the layers of dust. But how do we decide whether an object is valuable or not?
Target group: 9-12

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Monday to Friday,
10am – 4pm

€ 4.00 per student,accompanying adult free of charge


These tours are also in Italian. Other languages are also available on request.

Registration for guided tours
Tel: 0472 694951

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