The canons

Rooted in God: the Neustift canons

The Augustinian Abbey of Neustift currently consists of 16 canons. The provost, who is elected by his confrères for a period of ten years, heads the abbey and represents it to the outside world. He is supported in his role as leader of the abbey community by the dean. The canons have a say in the decisions of the provost through the chapter council (committee) and the plenary chapter (general assembly). Since 19 May 2015, Eduard Fischnaller from Rodeneck has been provost of the abbey community.

Our hearts are restless, until they rest in You.
St Augustine

  • Provost H. Eduard Fischnaller
  • Former provost H. Chrysostomus (Josef) Giner
  • Former provost H. Georg (Franz) Untergaßmair
  • Dean H. Karl Blasbichler
  • H. Friedrich (Franz) Gasser
  • H. Martin (Hermann) Peintner
  • H. Remigius Weissteiner (†)
  • H. Rupert (Hermann) Roalter
  • H. Philipp (Josef) Peintner (†)
  • H. Eugen Pallhuber (†)
  • H. Markus (Alois) Irsara
  • H. Thomas (Adolf) Huber (†)
  • H. Andreas (August) Huber (†)
  • H. Stephan (Wilfried) Astner
  • H. Cassian (Stephan) Lohmar
  • H. Michael (Martin) Bachmann
  • H. Rüdiger Weinstrauch
  • H. Artur Schmitt
  • H. Christian Breunig
  • H. Maximilian Maria (Stephan) Stiegler
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