A long history

  • 1142


    Founding of the abbey, probably also together with a school 

  • 1160


    The earliest documentation of a school is a list of the names of a schoolmaster and students.

  • 1281

    Rupert Maulrapp

    One of them was to stay: Rupert Maulrapp sent his sons from Kastelruth to the abbey. The cleverer of the two was to stay there.

  • 1467

    Graf Leonhard von Görz

    The reputation of the school in Neustift was such that even Count Leonhard von Görz sent his nephew there.

  • 1581

    In this year the school had 25 students

  • 1807


    Dissolution of the monastery, and with it the school, by the Bavarians.

  • 1816

    Re-establishment of the monastery

    Re-establishment of the monastery, which then took over the state grammar school in Brixen. This was also where the canonized Josef Freinademetz went to school.

  • 1830–1914

    The monastery school was attended every year by around 20 students

  • 1908

    Opening of the new institute building (choristers’ institute)

  • 1926

    Closing of the Augustinian grammar school in Brixen by the Faschist regime

  • 1919-1945

    Interwar years

    Because Neustift was a church school, the secondary school for students up to the age of 14 was allowed to continue. And even teach in German.

  • 1943


    Closing of the monastery’s own school after the invasion of the German army.

  • 1945–1971


    Establishment of a commercially oriented secondary school (‘Bürgerschule’)

  • 1946–1971


    A juvenate, a private humanistic grammar school, was also opened.

  • 1971

    Students from 11-14

    Closing of the private schools in Neustift. They were replaced by a school boarding house for students from 11-14, together with a branch of a Brixen school for this age group. Older students were also accepted at the boarding house.

  • 1971–1977

    Michael Pacher

    From this date on the school was a branch of the ‘Michael Pacher’ secondary school.

  • 1977–1996

    Arthur March

    After six years the ‘Michael Pacher’ became the ‘Arthur March’ secondary school and was known by this name until 1996.

  • 1996

    Oswald von Wolkenstein

    The Neustift school then became a branch of the ‘Oswald von Wolkenstein’ secondary school. This minnesinger was incidentally a beneficiary at the abbey.

  • 2007


    Completion of the rebuilding and renovation work in the boarding house at the end of May.

  • 2015


    Blessing of the new open and interactive study rooms, providing the boarders with further options.

  • 2018/19

    New provisions

    Introduction of two new provisions for the younger students: ‘Exercise and Sport’ and ‘Digital Media’.

  • 2020/21


    Redesigning of the common rooms with a lively colour concept.

  • 2022

    Armin Eisendle

    Appointment of Armin Eisendle as the new director of Neustift’s school boarding house.

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