The Abbey Museum

More than just an art exhibition

An art history book with an open ending: the Neustift Augustinian Abbey near Brixen takes you on a journey through almost 900 years of architectural and art history and gives you a glimpse of life behind the monastery walls – all combined with a glass of good wine.

New old walls

Much has changed at the abbey museum since May 2021. The tour now begins in the former coach house. And sections of the exhibition have also been redesigned

Hortus Sancti Augustini

Paul Renner was inspired by the abbey garden and vineyards. His monumental ‘Hortus Sancti Augustini’ is a highlight in the abbey museum’s new wing.

Greetings from the Far East

China in Neustift: Sounds peculiar, especially when you know that the Chinese cabinet dating from around 1775/80 was discovered underneath seven layers of plaster.

The abbey church, the cloisters, the courtyard with the Wonder Well, the abbey garden and the magnificent Baroque library hall: as you explore Neustift Abbey you’ll encounter all the epochs of (art) history. The abbey museum, which came into existence in the 1990s, guides you through these epochs and in addition presents unique works of art and objects from almost 900 years of religious and educational tradition at the abbey.

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