Nine hundred years of service to others

The Augustinian canons in Neustift look beyond the confines of their monastery.

Since 1142, with its focus on liturgy, pastoral care, music, culture and education, Neustift has thrived as a religious, cultural and commercial centre – also because the canons have always understood how to adapt to the needs and requirements of the time.

Augustinian canons

16 canons live in Neustift Abbey and in the abbey’s parishes – not in seclusion but actively involved in pastoral care and educational work and the life in and around the abbey.

Art and culture

Neustift Abbey is like an art history book with visible and tangible examples of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Rococo art and architecture.


Running and maintaining a monastery costs money. In Neustift this has always come primarily from agriculture and winegrowing.

Neustift Abbey has lived from the land for almost nine centuries. Today it is primarily wine, followed by fruit growing, that provide the necessary means of existence. Not that anyone gets rich from this, as the proceeds largely go into the maintenance of a monastery complex that is one of the largest and historically most interesting in Tyrol.

To look back is to look ahead

Neustift Abbey is rooted in almost 900 years of history.

Flourishing and growing, plundered and destroyed. There is nothing Neustift Abbey has not experienced during its long history. It has nevertheless stood the test of time, drawing its strength from its deep roots and fascinating thousands of visitors every year.

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