Delicate, fresh and fruity

The 2020 wine year begun with optimal conditions. After a snowy winter, bud break started quite early. Already on April 10, on the sunny sites around the monastery, we saw the first shoots. Thanks to mild spring weather, there were no problems with frost.

During the summer the conditions were good as well, with normal temperatures and average rainfall. There were no extreme weather event and so harvest started about 10 days early on September 14th. Unfortunately, the autumn was a little bit rainy and therefore the diurnal temperature shift was less extreme than usual. In order to get healthy grapes, the harvest dates were brought forward and so harvest was already completed by mid-October.

The wines of the 2020 vintage are delicate, fresh and fruity with moderate alcohol and an appealing acidity. Similar to the 2019 vintage.

Weather data 2020:
Rainfall: 1.025,40mm
Average temperature during growing season (April – September): 16,9°C
Max. temperature: 38,2°C (01/08/2020)
Min. temperature: – 8,1°C (31/12/2020)

Long-term average:
Rainfall: 670.90mm
Max. Temperature: 40,0°C (05.08.1994)
Min. temperature: -19,0°C (07.01.1985)