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It’s impossible to imagine Neustift Abbey without a school. This is also because schools formed a part of the monastery from the High Middle Ages on: from the choristers’ institute and the internal theological institute to the preparatory commercial school (Bürgerschule) and the juvenate, which until the end of the 1960s were run by the canons.

Today the abbey has a boarding house for students and an external branch of the Brixen middle school named after Oswald von Wolkenstein. Adult education is another important element of the work at the abbey – which has its own education and conference centre. And since knowledge not only has to be communicated but also continuously expanded, the Neustift canons have always excelled in various research and academic fields.

Centres of knowledge

Abbey archives and abbey library

The archives of Neustift Abbey are probably the most important religious archives in Tyrol. Here you can browse through nine centuries of history. And nine centuries of stories about the abbey, its parishes, farms and estates.

Commercial and administrative files are stored here as well as documents that date back to the 11th century. They originate from popes (such as Innocence II) and emperors (Friedrich I Barbarossa), as well as from the abbey’s administrators themselves. The numerous rent rolls, placita and account books give a good idea of the way the abbey’s manorial system functioned.


Overview of the inventory of the former abbey archivist Simon Terzer (PDF, in german).

Abbey library

There are just under 100,000 books in the hall and the depots of the Neustift library. They contain the knowledge of the world (and of the time it was written down), which extends far beyond theology. A large proportion of the works are from the 17th and 18th centuries, and were used for the education of the canons. In around 1926 the books from the Brixen Augustinian grammar school were transferred to Neustift. After most of Neustift’s important manuscripts and incunabula from the early days of book printing had been taken away to Innsbruck in 1809, in 1929 almost 100 manuscripts were returned.


Catalogue and digitalized versions


The printed books in the Neustift library can be researched online in the catalogue of historical libraries in South Tyrol.


Complete digitalized versions of the medieval manuscripts (including those still in Innsbruck) are available online.

Contact for enquiries

Academic research is permitted in the archives and library: please apply in advance (by telephone or e-mail). A charge will be made for research carried out by staff on your behalf.


Contact for enquiries:
Tel. +39 0472 836 189

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